Become a EU Blue Card Network

Become a EU Blue Card Network

Country Agent Research has shown that candidates, residing in a non-EU country, are highly appreciative of local representation. It is convenient because support will be in the local language, and it is practical because there are countries where Internet access is limited and citizens have no, or limited, access to international banking services.

We reach out to local organizations to help these candidates, while simultaneously offering premium services. We offer exclusive representation, together with extensive autonomy. You�ll be an exclusive country agent to the EU Blue Card Network.


The main task of the agent is to provide local candidates with information, guidance and services, The agent has extended freedom in deciding on the exact scope of the services that are offered to the candidates. For example, the agent may offer representation to the candidate in talks with potential employers and play a role in the candidate�s relocation. We will elaborate in more detail on the optional services in the follow-up communication.

Agent Characteristics

  • Physically located in a non-European country
  • Must be an organization, not an individual
  • Able to provide local support to candidates
  • Hi-speed Internet access
  • Access to international banking services
  • Ability to actively promote the Blue Card program
  • Affiliation with the human resources or immigration industry

Agent Perks

EU BCN Agent
  • Right to carry the certificate of representation
  • Access to all country-related candidates
  • Right to provide additional, premium, services to candidates
  • Make it in Germany